Whelp, 40 has come for me. I didn't meet my expectations for my Road2Fab40 goals, but I'm still trying. I'm staying on the path.
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My two hour nap is coming back to bite me in the butt I cannot sleep and I’m bored

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2 days ago

If you’re a fitblr with lots of PERSONAL POSTS, reblog this!


I want to follow more personal blogs. Ones with lots of personal posts and personal pictures and what not!!

I’ll check you out if you reblog :)

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Seattle Bound

Get to head to Seattle this week.  whoop whoop.  Impromptu customer visit through work.  Bonus part is I get to stay the weekend.   I’m going to meetup with an old friend from high school.  Cant wait, but that’s not until Saturday.

Friday, I signed up for a free Pike’s Place Market walking tour in the morning, and a paid Pub Tour in the evening.  I just gotta find a way to fill the in between time.  Maybe I’ll meet some fellow solo traveler and find some adventure.

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3 days ago

Adventures in dating

When online dating, safety has to be a priority.

So I go to meet this guy. We have been talking on the phone for about two months. He lives in a smaller town about 30 mins from me. I go to him because Im feeling brave. BUT I NOT STUPID. I give his phone number and address to my cousin. If I go missing or end up unable to communicate I want someone who knows where the fuck I went.

During conversation the subject of safety comes up. He jokingly asked if I’m checking in with a friend. I said HELL YEAH I AM. He also asks if I gave his name. I tell the truth, I got nothing to hide. This guys flips out. Telling me I invaded his privacy. He was a good guy I didn’t need to do that. Blah blah blah.

I let him talk his bullshit then left the scene. Any guy who freaks out because I’m cautious and care about my own safety is a douchebag, and I want no part of him.

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I don’t go running because I want to be thin.

I go running because










going to


show up


and tell you




this is literally my favorite running post of all time. hands down.

of all the so-called inspirational posts about runing, this one makes me want to pick up running most.


Reblogging again because it got better

Yep. Need to get back in the running glove. Stat.

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5 days ago

So on three different occassions this past week, while out with friends, a person guessed my age incorrectly. I didn’t ask them to guess mind you. Another friend kept telling people it was my birthday. Of course they ask how old which she excitedly tells them I’m 40. I think she likes pointing out that I’m “mature”. Bitch. Lol

Anyway, each time the young man in question replied that they thought 32 if that. Soooo. From now on I’m 32. I don’t care if they were trying to blow smoke up my ass with that bullshit. I’ll take it.

32 and loving it

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6 days ago


my thick thighs and basic brown eyes will win over someone’s heart one day

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2 weeks ago

Sunday Funday

Keeping it light today, but still gunna go out for a bit.  

Making a menu so I can get back on track after a week and a half of not.

Vegas was a wash Paleo wise, Atlanta was a 50/50 effort.  Now that i’m back home, we have to start a new round of Whole30.  Tomorrow.

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